Gayle Yiotis

At the time this article was published, Gayle Yiotis was an assistant editor of Crisis.

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The Idler: On Artists on Art

Calvin and Hobbes are walking in the snow. Calvin says with outstretched arms, “This is my latest snow sculpture.” Hobbes asks, “Where?” “All of this!” Calvin replies, with arms even more outstretched. Hobbes looks perplexed, “But you didn’t do anything.” “Right,” says Calvin, “Art is dead! There’s nothing left to say. Style is exhausted and … Read more

The Idler: P Is for Peter

Alexander and Nicholas Humez are two brothers who like to roam through the alphabets of different languages. By vocation Alexander is a technical writer at a computer software company, and Nicholas runs a silversmithing workshop. The brothers have written three books devoted to the classical languages, A B C Et Cetera: The Life & Times … Read more

The Idler: Remembrances of Teas Past

If you are heated, it will cool you — if you are depressed, it will cheer you — if you are excited, it will calm you. ~Gladstone I confess, I am an addict — an addicted tea drinker. This is, I surmise, partly the fault of my grandmother, who played a very influential role in … Read more

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