Herbert London

Herbert London is former John M. Olin Professor of Humanities at New York University and was the President of Hudson Institute from 1997 until 2011.

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Disputations: Bosnian Intervention and Foreign Entanglements

Now that President Clinton has agreed to send American troops to Bosnia as part of a NATO peacekeeping force, the fireworks in the Congress have been ignited. Senator Phil Gramm and Pat Buchanan have led the parade of naysayers. But they are certainly not alone. There are those who contend the mission is unclear. There … Read more

Schoolwatch: AALE — Hope for Higher Education

In the nineteenth century Charles Eliot, president of Harvard, said that the reason the university had so much knowledge is that freshmen bring so much more in and senior take so little out. Today most students and SAT scores reflect a somewhat different reality in which freshmen know very little, yet think they know a … Read more

Demonized by the Press

In 1990, I ran as the Conservative Party candidate for governor of New York garnering 827,000 votes, more votes by a third party candidate for this office than any other candidate in the state’s history. Encouraged by the outcome, I decided to place myself in consideration for the ’94 gubernatorial contest. For three years I … Read more

Guest Column: Republican Schizophrenia

The Republican victory in 1994 has been appropriately heralded as a political revolution. Speaker Newt Gingrich has been elevated to a household name. The Contract with America has become the performance chart for the Republican Party. Big government has come under an incredible media assault even from those who once praised it. And issues of … Read more

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