M. Holt Ruffin

At the time this article was written, Holt Ruffin was executive director of the World Without War Council of Greater Seattle. The views expressed here are his only and are not intended to represent the views of the Council or any other persons associated with it.

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The Sanctuary Scam

Few issues in recent years have received more time and attention from liberal religious activists in the United States than the sanctuary movement. No issue has been the occasion for more public deception, confusion, and irresponsible rhetoric. Sanctuary advocates would have the public believe that near-genocide is being committed against illegal immigrants returned to El … Read more

Twenty-one Points on Nicaragua with Emphasis on Fourteen

Editor’s Note: The analysis of the crisis in Nicaragua printed below is part of an effort by individuals from across a broad range of the political spectrum to bring peace with freedom to the Nicaraguan people. This effort has produced the present analysis and an allied initiative known as the APPEAL FOR PEACE THROUGH NEGOTIATIONS … Read more

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