Joyce A. Little

At the time this article was published, Joyce A. Little was assistant professor of theology at the University of St. Thomas, Houston.

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Toward the Third Millennium: A Contemporary Classic of Theology

Before his recent death, the Jesuit Paul Quay, longtime teacher at Loyola University of Chicago and St. Louis University, finished a work that is being acclaimed as perhaps the finest book of theology written in over a decade. In The Mystery Hidden for Ages in God (Peter Lang, 1995), Quay attempts to “recast the whole … Read more

Words, Words Everywhere

… And Not a Thought to Think A recent issue of Boston College Magazine contained an article entitled, “Writing Catholic,” in which several Catholic writers were asked to describe how their faith affects their work. One of the respondents, Mary Helen Washington, noted toward the end of her contribution that, some years ago, an essay … Read more

The Gender Gap

The Pope‘s Lesson in Sex Education for the American Bishops Although some Catholic theologians and writers are celebrating the Pope’s recent apostolic letter on the role of women as a confirmation of what the American bishops maintained in their pastoral draft, “Partners in the Mystery of Redemption,” a close reading of both documents suggests crucial … Read more

Mary Daly’s Pure Lust: A Symposium

Editor’s Note: The incommensurability between occasion and reaction has been called the mark of genius. Mary Daly’s new work, Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist Philosophy (Beacon Press 471 pp., $18.95), is not, a first blush (we speak advisedly) the kind of book we would want to review, let alone devote a symposium to. It reaches a … Read more

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