Jim Castelli

Jim Castelli is the author of A Plea for Common Sense: Resolving the Clash Between Religion and Politics, and co-author with George Gallup, Jr., of The American Catholic People.

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Morality Without Theology: How to Teach Values in Public Schools

“Can we be good without God?” was the provocative headline on the cover of a recent issue of The Atlantic. The author, Glenn Tinder, a political scientist at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, spent thousands of words leading up to his conclusion, which merely restated the cover’s question. Tinder’s implied answer was ultimately “no,” … Read more

The Democrat’s Secret Weapon: Will Catholics Put Dukakis in the Oval Office?

During presidential elections, political reporters occasionally latch onto a story about religious voting patterns, but they never follow those patterns on a systematic basis. This year, for example, they have written about white Evangelicals in the South, Jews in New York, and black Baptist churches across the country. But they missed another important story—the role … Read more

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