Jerome German

Jerome German is a retired manufacturing engineer, husband, father of eleven, and grandfather of a multitude. He contributes articles to Crisis Magazine and Catholic Stand. A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he has recently (under the pseudonym Jerome Linus) taken up the long-overdue task of recording and publishing songs that he has been writing for most of his life. His first effort, In God We Trust, hit stores worldwide on January 12.

recent articles

The Death of Death?

Many of our tech elites are spending vast amounts of money to defeat death and achieve physical immortality.

Humble Weapons for Humble Warriors

Relics and sacramentals—bone, skin, muscle, clothing, salt, water, ash—are all things that ground us, the humblest of spiritual weapons.

No Ordinary Woman

Mary is not the poster child for either the prosperity gospel or liberation theology; she is the one who declares that God “has put down the mighty from their thrones, and exalted those of low degree.”

Summoning Our Inner St. Paul

When everyone is going along to get along, no one really gets along. Cowardice is the beginning of the end for all things good.

We Become the Symbol

Wedding “unity” ceremonies, while well-intentioned, often replace sustenance with ritual and sentimentality.

Thirsting for Souls

Unlike Dennis Prager’s “silo approach” to sin, the Christian view of sin includes a wholesome, integrated view of the human person.

Just Plain Stupid

The technological marvels of our era have promoted mass vanity, the delusion that we are the masters of our destiny: a perfect storm for mass stupidity.

Big Medicine’s Fight Against Nature

Modern conventional medicine practitioners have become purveyors of sort of a “noble savage” concept of health, hence their nearly total lack of interest in diet, exercise, balanced sun exposure, fresh air, and health maintenance in general.

The Centrality of Womanhood

Woman is the hub of the family and, therefore, the hub of humanity. Destroying that hub grinds civilization to a halt—and along with it, all that is humane.

Bring Back the Box

Face-to-face Confession has become the norm. But I can’t help but wonder how many souls have been discouraged in the process. Confession is easily the most intimate spiritual thing imaginable. Is assumed confidentiality really enough?

Our Sad Abandonment of the Souls of the Unborn

The souls of unborn children enter eternity with free will but no (or precious little) information on which to base a decision. Would they be denied that information? Would Christ not preach to them? 

Conversion Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Tomorrow, July 30th, is the 100th anniversary of Chesterton’s reception into the Catholic Faith. Let us look to him for a deeper understanding of the importance of calling non-Catholics to conversion to the Church.

The Dark Heritage of Cookie-Cutter Philosophy

Cookie-cutter philosophers will always cleverly label the wisdom of the ages as yesteryear’s worn-out fashion—as archaic ideas whose time has come and gone. They will attempt to free us from the very thing that gives us freedom. 

Beyond Bumper-Sticker Theology

The Faith dies a little with each desperate reductionism—with each attempt to convince rationalists that reason can comfortably be abandoned in favor of faith because, well, shut up!

Brotherly Harshness in a World of Tribal Empathy

The race that does not accept respect for man from the time of his conception, is destined to an ignominious end, because it distorts the concept of love of neighbor, mistakes it with egoism, and cannot conceive the love of God at all.

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