J. M. Cameron

In 1983, J. M. Cameron was professor emeritus at St. Michael's College in the University of Toronto.

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Exchange — The Novak Letter

Dear Ralph: I’ve just finished reading the Novak encyclical on Moral Clarity. I hope you won’t think me churlish or besotted with liberal error if I say that I don’t think it will do, and that in particular I can’t see how anyone could subscribe to paragraphs 54-61. Quite candidly, I think all this stuff … Read more

Reflections on Contemporary Catholicism

Many of the difficulties some Catholics now have over the present condition of the Church seem to rest upon a conclusion and a grievance. The conclusion is that what was said at the second Vatican Council, and all that led up to it, doesn’t change in any decisive way the self-understanding Catholics had before the … Read more

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