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Jack Gist has worked on ranches, in greenhouses and nurseries, as a freelance writer and editor, and as a security guard. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a BA in English and Philosophy and an MFA in Writing from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Gist has published books, short stories, poems, essays, and opinion pieces in outlets such as The Imaginative Conservative, Catholic World Report, Crisis Magazine, The New Oxford Review, Galway Review, St. Austin Review, and others. The Yewberry Way: Prayer is the first installment of a trilogy that explores the relationship between faith, reason, and sanity.

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Righting a Wrong World

The world appears to have been turned upside down: Catholic statues are vandalized, men think they are women, and killing a baby is seen as a “right.” How do we turn it right-side-up?

Vatican Flag

“Nature’s God” and the Threat to the West

Western culture has been under attack since its inception. From the 300 Spartans at the Hot Gates, to Lenin, Marx, and the Cold War, this is nothing new. There are dark forces roaming the world that would usurp the sacred role of transcendence at the heart of the Western tradition. Catholicism, a defining institution of … Read more

Humor as Virtue: Isaac Singer’s “Gimpel the Fool”

Early on in the essay, “Is a Sense of Humor a Virtue?,” John Lippitt asks the question, “Could it be, then, that exposure to a ‘virtuous’ sense of humor can make a difference to my character, and therefore be a useful tool in moral education?” At first glance it may appear self-evident that if one … Read more

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