Jonathan Culbreath

Jonathan Culbreath is a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College, and has studied philosophy at the graduate level at the University of Leuven in Belgium. He is an assistant editor at The Josias, an online manual of Catholic social teaching and Catholic integralism. He lives with his wife and son in Southern California, where he teaches Latin at a small Catholic high school. He tweets @maestrojmc.

recent articles

For Integralism: A Realist’s Case for the Confessional State

Catholic integralism holds that the state must confess the Catholic religion. Integralism follows the teaching of Pope Leo XIII (as in his encyclical Immortale Dei) and a host of other popes in denying the liberal doctrine of the separation of Church and state, and proposes instead that the state is truly subordinate to the Church, … Read more

In Defense of ‘Common Good Constitutionalism’

On March 31, The Atlantic published an important essay by Adrian Vermeule, a Catholic professor of constitutional law at Harvard University, entitled “Beyond Originalism,” igniting a firestorm of controversy within the internet world of legal and political theory. That a secular magazine like The Atlantic would publish an article of such unflinchingly Catholic convictions is … Read more

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