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At the time this article was published, Joanne Sadler wrote on political issues.

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Pro-Life Women for Congress

If you want to know what the next wave is in pro-life politics, take a look at the Susan B. Anthony List. The Susan B. Anthony List is a group of congressional and senatorial candidates comprised of street- smart women who are committed to the pro-life cause. The list’s directors run a political fundraising club … Read more

Profiling the Catholic Vote

Kellyanne Fitzpatrick is a Catholic attorney and pollster who also provides political commentary for CNN. She conducted a focus group of Catholics in Macomb County, Michigan, and was shocked to discover that only one woman had heard about the partial-birth abortion issue—and, incredibly, was misinformed about it. The woman thought that since Clinton had vetoed … Read more

The Gay Rights Lobby

According to Lynn Wardle, a professor at Brigham Young University’s law school, sixty-nine law review writings in support of same-sex marriage were published between January 1990 and June 1995. During the same period, only one article appeared that fully defended the heterosexual nature of marriage, while two others criticized the constitutional arguments for same-sex marriage. … Read more

Aborting the Partial-Birth Ban

The debate, passage, and eventual veto of the partial-birth abortion ban reveals the deep pro-abortion leanings of some Catholic legislators. As California’s Attorney General Dan Lungren explains, the hard-core pro-aborts do not want women to have fewer abortions because it would threaten a key tennet of their philosophy: that unborn children are things, not people. … Read more

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