Joseph Sobran

Michael Joseph Sobran, Jr. (1946 - 2010) was an American journalist and writer, formerly with National Review and a syndicated columnist, known as Joe Sobran. Pundit Pat Buchanan called Sobran "perhaps the finest columnist of our generation".

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Clinton’s Private War

President Bill Clinton’s war in Kosovo divided liberals, conservatives, and Christians. It was an oddly difficult war to get a fix on, partly because Clinton himself avoided calling it a war, even as NATO bombers pummeled Yugoslavia. Liberals have recently opposed U.S. military intervention abroad, but many of them felt that this war was justified … Read more

Sexually Challenged: Report from the Gay March

The April 25 Gay and Lesbian March on Washington was supposed to signify that homosexuals of both genders (as well as persons of altered genders) had “arrived,” politically and socially. The excitement was palpable at Washington National Airport when I flew to Ohio and back just before the weekend. Both times the airport swarmed with … Read more

Profile in Cowardice: How JFK Had Us Fooled

The Kennedy legacy can be summed up in a single word: “image.” And John Kennedy had the most favorable image any American politician ever enjoyed. While he lived, he seemed dashing, urbane, vital, courageous, even heroic. He had been a war hero, and he won a Pulitzer Prize for history. His wholesome good looks attracted … Read more

What Now: The New Politics of Abortion

When the Supreme Court handed down its Webster ruling on July 3, partly reversing Roe v. Wade, while denying that fact, anti-abortion forces thought they had passed the crucial turning point in their long struggle. But they have learned since that it was far from that simple. As in the battle over the nomination of … Read more

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