Mark Gauvreau Judge

Mark Judge is a Washington writer and author of "God and Man at Georgetown Prep," "Damn Senators: My Grandfather and the Story of Washington's Only World Series," and other books.

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The God of Rock

He gets it.   Stephen Catanzarite has written arguably the most important book about rock music of the young 21st century. U2’s Achtung Baby: Meditations on Love in the Shadow of the Fall is a small volume — more like a thick pamphlet than a book — but each line is a mini-dissertation on the … Read more

Guest Column: Damn Yankees—Six Degrees of Frank Rich

My grandfather was responsible for the career of Frank Rich. In the orthodox Catholic circles I travel in, this is like being the baseball manager who rejected young Fidel Castro because he couldn’t hit a curve ball, thus leaving the Cuban no other option but to start a communist dictatorship. Rich, whose column appears every … Read more

Guest Column: Ghost Story

It’s the last place on earth you’d expect to get the creeps, but the Memorial Hall of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the enormous 6,000-seat Catholic church in Washington, D.C., always gives me a shiver. Or at least a small part of it does. The walls and pillars of the … Read more

Liberals and the Best-Seller

A few months ago in the pages of the Washington Post, Michael Kinsley wrote a piece about the dominance of conservative authors on best-seller lists. He rejected all the usual excuses that liberals give for the success of conservatives in the marketplace—that liberals read more broadly and don’t care about “tawdry best-sellers,” that conservative networks … Read more

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