Jennifer Kaczor

Jennifer Kaczor lives in Los Angeles with her husband and seven children. She’s written for National Review, Catholic Exchange, Inside Catholic, and the Bellingham Review.

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Moms Should Not Strip

Good news! While my daughter takes her ballet class, I can now take a “strip-hop” class. I read the announcement at my daughter’s dance studio: Unleash your inner seductress. Come join the fun! Really? Gyrating and peeling off my clothes in front of other women…fun?  “Let me be clear,” I told my husband, when he … Read more

Honors and American Girl Dolls

I could have kicked myself.  Recently, I ran into a friend at the grocery store, and I abruptly asked her the most impertinent question,  “Did Laura get into high school with honors?” I asked–and immediately regretted it.  First of all, I don’t care whether or not her daughter got into Notre Dame Academy with or … Read more

And Also With Your Spirit

Thirty minutes from now I will stop working on this article and, with that strange combination of eagerness and resignation that animates mothers around the globe, prepare to pick-up my children from school.  Forty minutes from now, one of my children will grab their forehead, let out a low moan, and admit to forgetting their … Read more

The Understudy

I felt the question coming like a dog feels the pulse of the earth before a quake. I had tracked Monsignor’s comments from, “How quickly they grow,” to, “What grade are you in this year, Ann?” and I knew what came next. So did Ann. Exactly one beat before the question came, we exchanged a … Read more

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