Kate Moreland

Kate Moreland spends her time homeschooling her five sons and writing about her many opinions. When not teaching, she enjoys grocery trips alone and frequently interrupted discussions about family, parenting, and faith. Find her at her LinkTr.ee @kate.more.land.

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NFP: Not For Planning

NFP is a valuable tool, especially for those seeking medical help, but not one for general use in orchestrating family size and structure.

Mommy Wars

Never in my life have I seen name calling, insults thrown, and nasty judgments made the way I have in online mommy groups.

Cherishing the Masculinity of Boys

American culture has lost an appreciation for the manliness of men, and mothers especially are left unequipped to raise their sons as men. We try to tame them, feminize them, and teach our boys to be gentle and soft.

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