Kathryn Jean Lopez

Kathryn Jean Lopez is the former editor and current editor-at-large of the daily webzine, National Review Online, where she has written and edited for more than a decade. Lopez is a graduate of the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., where she studied philosophy and politics. She has been a fellow at the Claremont Institute and serves on the Archdiocese of New York’s Pro-Life Commission.

recent articles

Why Young Catholics Leave the Church—And How to Bring Them Back

They leave for different reasons. Some saw hypocrisy. Others were hurt by those in authority. Still more disagree with a Church teaching. Sometimes, all they’re waiting for is an invitation back. And often, it’s not the Catholic Church itself that the “fallen away” have a beef with but their particular experience of it. “Evangelize at … Read more

Aborting the Church: Frances Kissling and Catholics for a Free Choice

The media love Frances Kissling. It’s hard to blame them, really, given their general political agenda: Kissling wants abortion to remain legal, with no restrictions. She wants to boot the Vatican from the United Nations (UN). She wants bishops to tell Catholics it’s okay to use condoms—even to distribute them. She wants RU-486, the abortion … Read more

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