Kimberly J. Bright

Kimberly J. Bright is the proud owner of a Gibson Les Paul standard guitar.

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The Idler: How I Got Stung

There are few things more likely to spawn a dilemma in life than being a young conservative Catholic and liking rock music. After all, it is quite difficult suddenly to acquire insight in theology and politics and then realize that one’s heroes from adolescence are sniveling, left-wing, vegetarian, neo-pagan tree-huggers who disdain all that one … Read more

Observations: Conjugally Incorrect

After almost seven months of domestic bliss as a married woman, I feel somewhat qualified to critique the boy-meets-girl fairy tales I grew up hearing and reading. Unfortunately, most fairy tales and other romances end with the wedding, the “happily ever after” stock ending. As a result, people are good at the courtship part, having … Read more

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