Kimberly J. Gustin

At the time this article was published, Kimberly J. Gustin was a student at Butler University.

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Howls with Allen Ginsberg: A Weird Campus Encounter

Allen Ginsberg, one of the few remaining Beat Generation legends, visited Butler University in Indianapolis during October as part of the university’s Visiting Writer Series. Various festivities were scheduled around his arrival, and fans of his in the area — many of them in the university’s English Department — were in a near-frenzy for weeks … Read more

A Pox on Christianity: Some Dire Warnings from the Wicked Witch of the East

Mary Daly teaches theology at the Jesuit-run Boston College and is revered as one of feminism’s most radical academics. She renounced Roman Catholicism after studying theology extensively in Europe during the ’60s, foregoing her original plan of changing the Church from within to make it more progressive and, most importantly, less sexist. She decided that … Read more

College Diary: Planned Parenthood — One More Reason to Stay Chaste

Planned Parenthood the world’s oldest and largest birth control and abortion service organization. It prides itself on providing low cost birth control services for minorities and the poor, particularly those in the inner-city. The newest targeted group is college students, who are being deluged with propaganda of the sort that assumes that all college students … Read more

Campus Maneuvers: This R.C. Ain’t P.C.

My patron saint is, fittingly, Joan of Arc. “Joan” was the closest to any of my names in Butler’s Lives of the Saints, but I also found her to be one of the most admirable female saints. It was a plus that she was French, since my own mongrel European heritage includes a few Gauls. … Read more

Women’s Studies: A Major Error- Our Campus Scout Reports from the Front

Women’s Studies is a major that has been offered at an increasing number of colleges and universities since women’s colleges and institutions like the University of California at Berkeley incorporated it into their curricula 20 or so years ago. Luckily, it has not yet reached my own school, Butler University, but it has been added … Read more

College Diary: Bible-Belt Adventures

Butler University is located in central Indiana in the middle of the country’s Bible Belt. Religion, in one form or another, is alive and well on Butler’s campus. These forms range from Black Muslims to fundamentalist Protestants and everything in between. The Newman Center’s priest, Father Jim Wilmouth, is a sweet and extraordinarily busy man. … Read more

Observations: Letter from a Jesuit Prep School

I was graduated from Brebeuf Preparatory School in Indianapolis on May 30, 1989. My four years there gave me an excellent background for college. The math, science, foreign language, social studies, and computer science departments are truly phenomenal. However, I would rather be tortured to death than send my future children to Brebeuf unless some … Read more

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