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A Pastor at Dartmouth: Where he walks, vocations flower

College and university parishes around the country have found themselves in a dilemma. Priests, endeavoring to make the Catholic faith relevant to young people, have taken to folk masses replete with guitars, replacing Scripture with readings from Bob Dylan, and so forth. Unfortunately, these innovations have served only to transmogrify the Mass into something vaguely … Read more

Out of Africa: A Young Black Convert Drops in on Father George Stallings

“I gotta teach now,” the preacher said to the crowd in the filled-to-capacity high school auditorium as he grabbed hold of a microphone and started prancing around the stage. “But seeeee, those of us who have a Euro–centric mind,” he said, stretching his vowel sounds to their limits, with a special sarcastic emphasis on Euro–centric, … Read more

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