Kenneth R. Craycraft

Kenneth R. Craycraft is Bradley Doctoral Fellow at Boston College. Before his conversion to Roman Catholicism, he was a minister in the evangelical Christian Church, and a graduate of Cincinnati Christian Seminary.

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Counterpoint: Why Crisis Cannot Address the Crisis

In the December 1992 issue of Crisis, Michael Novak effectively points out the current malaises both in the Catholic Church and in American society. In the February 1993 issue, he outlines the role of Crisis in addressing these maladies as the magazine launches its second decade. While I join many conservative Catholics in wishing Crisis … Read more

Our Kind of Ecumenism: Why Catholics need to be More Evangelical and Vice Versa

The scene is becoming a commonplace: scores, or even hundreds, of people silently sitting or busily marching before a hospital or an abortion clinic (euphemistically called a “women’s health clinic” by its proprietors). If the people are marching, they may have signs that read variously: “Abortion Is Murder,” “Stop the Killing,” or “Choose Life.” Among … Read more

Fact and Fiction: What Americans Really Think About Abortion

In America today few if any issues are debated more passionately and contentiously than abortion. Yet, recent polling data reveal that most Americans are profoundly ignorant about all phases of the abortion question. What first appears to be a profound irony may in fact be the very reason that public arguments about abortion produce so … Read more

Why Marx Hated Christianity: A Reply to Leonardo Boff

One keystone in the overall system of many liberation theologians is the claim that Karl Marx’s view of religion has been misunderstood. The argument may take one of several tacks, but all try to show that Christians can indeed employ Marxist analysis in theology. Some claim that Marx was only attacking the bourgeois Christianity of … Read more

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