Dan Lord

Dan Lord is a capricious misanthrope living alone in a ramshackle hut by the railroad tracks. That is, he would be if not for the grace of God and his reversion to Catholicism. He now has a BS from Spring Hill College and an MTS from the University of Dallas. He enjoys writing, composing music, and playing with the many children which his loving wife tricked him into conceiving.

recent articles

What Is Fight Club?

I want you to hit me as hard as you can. That’s what Brad Pitt asked of Ed Norton on the silver screen back in 1999. Norton complied, and a cult phenomenon was born. Before David Fincher directed Social Network, a dark film about existentially desperate young men struggling to create meaning by way of … Read more

The Fun of Fear

Is it good to feel scared? To not feel scared isn’t an option; we may wish to ignore scary things, but we can’t — not completely. Christians are not excluded from this rule. “Be not afraid” is an exhortation, not a magic spell. In fact, Our Lord gives us a sub-textual tutorial on fear throughout … Read more

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