Leon J. Podles

Dr. Leon Podles is the author of two books including Sacrilege, an in-depth look at sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. His writing has also appeared in numerous publications

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The Church Impotent

Despite constant feminist complaints about the patriarchal tendencies of Christianity, men are largely absent from the Christian churches of the modern Western world. Lay men often attend church activities because a wife, mother, or girlfriend has pressured them. As Tom Forrest, a priest active in international evangelization, points out, only 25 percent of the participants … Read more

The Secrets of Opus Dei: The Conspiracy That Never Was

In Spain Opus Dei was once taken to court by its detractors, who accused it of being a Freemasonic conspiracy. The judge asked if its members were chaste. The accusers admitted that they were. The judge dismissed the suit, saying that he had never met a chaste Freemason. However, Opus Dei plays the role in … Read more

New Age Angels Thrones, Dominions, and Mellow Fellows

Angels are in. Americans have not displayed , such interest in angels since “Teen Angel” made the hit parade in the early 1960s. A few movies of the golden age of Hollywood centered around angels — Angel on My Shoulder was the best. But now angels are big time: there are catalogs of angel accessories; … Read more

Masculinity and the Military: Love in the Trenches

What an understatement it is by now to observe that President Clinton touched a raw nerve when he proposed allowing open homosexuals to enlist and serve in the military. The military’s long-standing policy has been to discharge homosexuals on either moral or security grounds. Clinton, heir of the social engineers who think that human nature … Read more

Dead Black Males: The Problem is Gender, not Race

In Detroit, Milwaukee, Baltimore, and other cities, public school administrators and boards, almost all of them black, are in despair at the destruction that young black males are visiting upon themselves. They have decided that one possible solution is schools designed for the needs of boys, especially black boys. In Eastern cities many public high … Read more

On Screen: Return of the B Movie

As a father who has read aloud about 3,500 children’s stories in the past ten years, I have concluded that it is a sign of artistic brilliance to be able to appeal to children while not driving a parent to tears of boredom or bouts of nausea. I loathe intensely The Poky Little Puppy; I … Read more

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