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John Mallon is the director of public relations for Human Life International and a contributing editor for Inside the Vatican magazine. Visit his Web site at

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The Truth is Harsh… and Charitable

Father Thomas Euteneuer’s remarks on Coach Majerus need to be read in perspective. Almost 50 million innocent people have been killed via abortion, methodically and deliberately. This state-sanctioned genocide has been occurring in the United States for 35 years. Even pro-lifers are vulnerable to being inured to this stark fact. ► Click here to read … Read more

Catholic Essentials

Nation Bishop John Leibrecht of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, head of the American bishops’ committee to implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae at Catholic universities, recently stated, “The bishop’s crosier is not meant to be a big stick but the staff of a shepherd.” A comment like this indicates how widespread is the false presupposition that Catholic university officials … Read more

Catholic Essentials

Nation It is considered progress by the those who consider human life sacred that fifty-five senators believe infanticide is unacceptable even though the child’s head is yet to be delivered, while forty-four think it is. It appears the question of when life begins has become irrelevant, but it is certain that it stops when surgical … Read more

Crises, Tidings & Revelations: Dissent and the Catholic Student

Today’s students want something solid to chew on, not the mush of theological ambiguity with which we have been hailed by the age of dissent. A few years ago a freshman girl at Boston College told me she wanted to be a theology major but that she was afraid — she didn’t want to lose … Read more

From Lewis to Hooper to Rome: A Conversation with Walter Hooper

Walter Hooper is the literary executor of the estate of C.S. Lewis. He also was Lewis’s friend and personal secretary during the last months of Lewis’s life, and is editor of Lewis’s posthumously published works. Five years ago he converted to the Catholic Church from Anglicanism. He was in the United States last summer to … Read more

The Message the Media Missed: Interviews with Pilgrims to Denver

The following interviews were conducted on a bus returning from World Youth Day in Denver. Although exhilarated by their experience, the participants were unanimously disgusted with the media’s emphasis on dissent and controversy at the expense of the Pope’s message and the true story of the genuine love which the Pope and the youth of … Read more

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