Maria Mercedes van der Ree

Maria Mercedes van der Ree is a lawyer, who holds a Master of Arts in Theology, with a concentration in Moral Theology and Canon Law, as well as a Master's degree in Canonical Law of Marriage and a Master's degree in International Law. She currently is a doctoral candidate in Law at the International University of La Rioja in Spain. She works as an Auditor at the Interdiocesan Ecclesiastical Tribunal in the Archdiocese of Lima, Peru, where she lives with her husband and her four children. She teaches canon law locally and writes in the Canon Law Journal of Peru (Revista Peruana de Derecho Canónico).

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What Makes a Marriage Valid?

Marriage is a sacrament that is regulated by Church law, mainly in the Code of Canon Law of 1983. It is different from the rest of the sacraments, because what makes it valid is mainly marriage consent. A person must want to get married to his spouse, and manifest this will verbally to the priest … Read more

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