Maria Elena de las Carreras

María Elena de las Carreras, MA '89, PhD ’95 is an associate professor at the UCLA school of theater, film, and television. a Fulbright scholar and film critic from Argentina, she is a regular collaborator of the Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles and the CSUN Cinematheque. She has been an accredited journalist at the Berlin Film Festival since 1986. She has published many journalistic articles and essays, in English and Spanish. Her scholarly publications and blog are available through

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Wim Wenders: Catholic Journeyman

One of the leading filmmakers to emerge from the New German Cinema movement in the ’70s was Wim Wenders, then a young graduate from the recently opened Munich film school. Less radical in style and content than other conspicuous representatives of the young German cinema like Werner Herzog, Rainer Fassbinder, and Volker Schlöndorff, Wim Wenders … Read more

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