Mary Elizabeth Podles

After graduating from Wellesley College, Pittsburgh native Mary Elizabeth Podles pursued postgraduate studies in art history at Columbia University. She has employed her expertise in curating at the Metropolitan Museum of New York and the National Gallery of Art in Washington; most recently, she acted as the Curator of Renaissance and Baroque Art at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. Since retiring, Podles has continued to engage in her field by her writing and lecturing, as well as taking up the practical study of art in order to better understand the process undergone by the artists themselves.

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The Idler: A Garden of Conceptual Delights

When I first began to procrastinate over this article on gardening, I had thought to muse on the garden as a metaphor for life, and talk a little about transience and the cycles of life; about expectation and reality; about nature, grace, and the futility of human endeavor, especially when the delphiniums turn their faces … Read more

The Idler: Go East Young Man

By opening Hackerman House, in the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore has not only given its previously hidden Asian art collection a glorious setting but has accommodated itself as well to the upper-middle-class penchant for museums as highbrow entertainment: the Shaker Heights version of the Roman baths, the Ivy League equivalent of the shopping mall. … Read more

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