Michael Garvey

When he wrote this article in 1983, Michael Garvey was a member of the Public Information office at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

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The Christian Soldier

Is it possible for the same person to be a solider and a Christian? I think so, but so what? It’s possible for a drunkard, a wife-beater, a corporate president, a journalist, a Pope, a plumber, or even a public relations man to be a Christian, too. A Christian is, among other things, a person … Read more

The Twilight of Socialism

It would be more accurate to call him a Taurus, like Perry Como, who has the same birthday. In this pontificate, astrological and ideological designations are about equally useful. The Curial neurosis of secrecy invites all sorts of speculation on the Holy See’s financial affairs, but ever since the president of the Banco Ambrosiano was … Read more

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