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Michael Warren Davis is a contributing editor of The American Conservative and the author of The Reactionary Mind (Regnery, 2021). He previously served as editor of Crisis Magazine and U.S. editor of the Catholic Herald of London. His next book, After Christendom, will be published by Sophia Institute Press. Follow his Substack newsletter, The Common Man.

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Toward a Liberal Traditionalism

“Active participation” in the liturgy has caused endless controversy in the West. Perhaps it’s time to look to the Christian East for a way forward.

The Conformist Cardinals

Their Eminences want everyone to understand that they dissent from the Catholic faith, but they don’t want to say it directly.

Can We Pray for Putin’s Death?

A good man might pray the imprecatory psalms against Putin; a perfect man would love him and pray for him. Which takes more courage?

The Great Convergence

Current problems in both the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches could providentially lead to a healing of the Great Schism.

Garry Wills

Confessions of a Modernist

For a Modernists, the “spirit of the age” is aligned with the faults to which one is especially susceptible. Their whole intellectual ecosystem validates their error.  

Confessions of a Modernist

For a Modernists, the “spirit of the age” is aligned with the faults to which one is especially susceptible. Their whole intellectual ecosystem validates their error.  

LGBT priest

The Culture War is Lost – Now What?

The Culture War as we know it is over, and we’ve lost. Now, mark my words carefully. I said the Culture War as we know it is over. The war for our country’s soul has only just begun. What’s over now is what you might call the Napoleonic Phase of the Culture War: the two … Read more

Charity or Death

Aristotle said that the ideal polis has no more than ten thousand citizens. Well, Dixville Notch has twelve. That little hamlet in New Hampshire, nestled up there by the Canadian border, has exactly one dozen citizens—five of whom voted in the 2020 election; all five went for Mr. Biden. If there had been fraud committed … Read more

Yes, the Media Is Our Enemy

It has always surprised me that the mainstream press is so down on Theodore McCarrick. In fact, one would expect them to take his side. An elderly gay man trapped in a homophobic institution, taking young men to his beach house so he can seduce them… I’m surprised The New York Times hasn’t asked Mr. … Read more

Will These Catholic Lawyers Stop the Steal?

Never mind what the mainstream media says. The presidential election is far from over. That’s not a conspiracy theory: no presidential election officially ends until the following January. We’re still two months away from knowing the official winner of the 2020 election. President Donald Trump and his allies are making the best possible use of that time. They’re … Read more

The USCCB Just Showed Its Hand

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is a bloated, corrupt organization teeming with left-wing bureaucrats who don’t have the Church’s best interests at heart. Crisis Magazine has said so on several occasions. It remains our opinion that all Catholics—laymen, priests, and bishops—would be better off without it. That said, the USCCB’s committee elections at this … Read more

How to Red-Pill a Bishop

“If you think that your priests and bishops are not saints, then be one for them.” — Robert Cardinal Sarah I know that many of our readers were irate over USCCB president Archbishop José Gomez’s statement on the 2020 election. Many of you were angry that he referred to Joe Biden as the second Catholic … Read more

How McCarrick Got Away

How did it happen? That’s the question the McCarrick Report was supposed to answer. How many of the bishops knew about his beach house? Who turned a blind eye? Who lied to protect one of their own? Nobody expected the Report to answer those questions, and so nobody will be disappointed. Still, it was revealing. … Read more

Donald Trump and the Politics of Charity

“We are a working-class party now. That’s the future.” — Senator Josh Hawley I’ve held off on writing a post-election column, hoping against hope that the votes would be counted quickly and fairly. I suppose that was naïve. At this rate—and regardless of who “wins” in the end—half of the American people will feel cheated … Read more

Our Cyrus Has Come

“Enemy-occupied territory: that is what this world is. Christianity is the story of how the rightful king has landed, you might say landed in disguise, and is calling us to take part in a great campaign of sabotage.” — C. S. Lewis “A Christian has only to be in order to change the world, for … Read more

The Overlord of Western Elites

Before there was Hunter Biden, there was Neil Bush. Neil is the third son of the late George H. W. Bush and younger brother of George W. Bush. In 2003, Neil’s wife Sharon filed for divorce, leading to a cascade of information about how deeply compromised he was by the Chinese Communist Party. The year … Read more

The Deep Church: From the Borgias to Becciu

The Australian government is now beginning to confirm what most of us have suspected for years. In a display of ruthlessness and corruption that would thrill the Borgias, Vatican bureaucrats wired a small fortune to unknown parties in Australia to initiate the fraudulent sex-abuse charges against George Cardinal Pell. According to local media reports, officials … Read more

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