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Maureen Martin is the pen name of a Catholic satirist who encourages readers not to believe a word of her news reports. Visit her blog at

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Woman Who Left Church Over Sex Scandal Just Wanted To Sleep In

A sleepy protest, an ironic double standard, and a religious order whose charism is to just blend in… You’ll find them all in Maureen Martin’s latest satirical take on the news. t t t Woman Who Left Catholic Church Over Sex Scandal Actually Just Wanted to Sleep In BOISE, IDAHO — Neighbors who initially hailed … Read more

Chesterton’s Ghost Appears, Suggests Fans Find “Other Interests”

Chesterton’s Ghost Appears, Suggests Fans Find ‘Other Interests’ LONDON — A London book buyer got the shock of his life yesterday when the ghost of G. K. Chesterton appeared to him and joked that he wished his fans would “get lives.”  “I was in The Bookstop, buying a copy of Orthodoxy when a man touched … Read more

News You Might Believe

  Priest with Annulment Charism Starts Lay Movement SAN ANTONIO — A priest who claims he has been gifted with the charism of annulment has created a lay movement to help Catholics answer the call to invalidate marriages. Rev. George Finnegan of St. Thomas More Catholic Church in San Antonio said he got the call … Read more

The Catholic Enquirer

Out of Respect for Islam, CNN to Halt Coverage of Islamic Countries, Events ATLANTA—Out of respect for the religion of Islam, CNN President Jonathan N. Klein announced to­day that the network 11’ill no longer air content that is offensive to the religion’s followers; including any other material that distorts the im­age of the “religion of … Read more

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