Monica Migliorino

Monica Migliorino Miller (Monica Migliorino at the time this article was published) is a nationally known pro-life leader, a pioneeer and veteran of pro-life activism dating back to 1976, and founder of Citizens for a pro-life Society. In addition to her pro-life leadership Miller is an associate professor of religious studies at Madonna University having earned her doctorate at Marquette University. Monica and her husband Edmund have three children. She resides in South Lyon, Michigan.

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In November 2, 1987 the names “Barbara Ferraro” and “Patricia Hussey” graced the marquee of the Varsity Theatre at Marquette University. Directly below their names an upcoming campus film was also advertised. It read “Ruthless People.” The irony and humor of the combination were not lost on anyone, particularly those of us who were assembled … Read more

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