Rev. Marvin R. O'Connell

Rev. Marvin R. O'Connell is a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. He has taught at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul and at the University of Notre Dame, specializing in Catholic Church History. Father O’Connell has lectured widely in this country and abroad and is the author of several books and hundreds of articles. He is best known among Notre Dame students and friends as the biographer of the university’s founder, Fr. Sorin. Among his other books are: Critics on Trial: An Introduction to the Catholic Modernist Crisis, The Counter Reformation: 1559-1610, The Oxford Conspirators: A History of the Oxford Movement 1833-1845, and the novel McElroy.

recent articles

Newman and the Ideal of a University

A Notre Dame Professor Explores Its Pertinence to His Own Institution When he was sixty-three years old, John Henry Newman published a memoir, the Apologia pro Vita Sua (1864), which very soon achieved the status of a classic of autobiography. In it he recalled with special poignancy his arrival at Oxford nearly a half-century before … Read more

A Bad Penny: Richard McBrien Trivializes Politics and Religion

In the first sentence of Caesar’s Coin: Religion and Politics in America (Macmillan, 294 pp., $19.95) Richard P. McBrien misquotes Lincoln. The error is only a trifling one; it alters neither the meaning of the president’s words nor Father McBrien’s application of them. But the resonances of the Gettysburg Address are so familiar to every … Read more

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