Norman Podhoretz

Podhoretz served as Commentary magazine's Editor-in-Chief from 1960 (when he replaced Elliot E. Cohen) until his retirement in 1995. Podhoretz remains Commentary's Editor-at-Large.

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Documentation: Breaking Ranks on Abortion

How Can We Keep From Sliding the Rest of the Way Down the Slippery Slope? When the U. S. Department of Health called for a halt in fetal-tissue transplants pending further study of the ethical problems involved, I was sharply reminded that I myself have been evading the most basic of these problems for a … Read more

Observations: A Liberal Dissents on AIDS

Contrary to what is still being drummed into us from every side, it is becoming clearer and clearer from a dispassionate reading of the evidence that AIDS poses little or no risk to the general, or heterosexual, population. Yet those of us who have been trying to spread the good news have been met not … Read more

Observations: Mr. Gorbachev Comes to Washington

Is Mikhail Gorbachev good for America? Practically everyone but me seems to think so. I exaggerate of course, though not that much. After all, with the highly notable exception of Henry Kissinger, it is hard to think of a single prominent public figure who has unqualifiedly challenged the idea that Gorbachev is a blessing not … Read more

Observations: Lesson from Rome

In a sense the Curran case is none of my business. Although not a member of the Roman Catholic Church, I did not hesitate to enter the debate over the recent pastoral letters on nuclear strategy and the economy since they were addressed by the Catholic bishops to American society at large. But what concern … Read more

Observations: A Day in the Decline of America

There are days when I find myself imagining a 1 historian in some future century writing an account of “The Decline and Fall Of the United States” similar to the book Edward Gibbon produced in the 18th century about ancient Rome. One of those days was Thursday, March 20, 1986, when the City Council of … Read more

A Pol Pot Future For the Philippines?

Not much notice was taken recently when Lon Nol died his second death — the real death, the physical one. On the other hand, a lot of attention was paid 10 years ago when he died his first death — the political one, the one that resulted in the transformation of the country then known … Read more

Observations: How Experts Fool Themselves

Remember Louis, the police inspector (played by Claude Rains) in the movie Casablanca, announcing how shocked he was to find that illegal gambling was going on in Humphrey Bogart’s cafe, and later in another connection ordering his assistant to “round up the usual suspects”? That is what I was reminded of when the usual experts … Read more

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