Patrick Fagan

Patrick Fagan is Senior Fellow and Director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI) in Washington DC.

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For Greater Glory: Relevance Beyond Mexico

For Greater Glory, a romanticized movie about Mexico’s Cristero War in the 1920s, will appeal to Catholics. And to lovers of freedom to worship. And to Americans who cherish the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, for it portrays precisely the sort of situation our Founding Fathers feared. For all these reasons For Greater Glory … Read more

Political Confusion at The Catholic Conference

Putting it as clearly as I can, the bishops, when they permit their institutions to speak as they do, seem to know neither their own role in politics nor the layman’s. As a result the USCC’s statements on political responsibility are confusing at best, and a danger to the bishops’ authority at worst. There is … Read more

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