Fr. Frank Pavone

Father Pavone is the national director of Priests for Life and the co-chair of Pro-Life Voices for Trump.

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The Bishops Have Spoken: Abortion Trumps

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has been very clear in its characterization of the most important issue in this election: “The threat of abortion remains our preeminent priority.” Other issues—immigration, racism, poverty and the death penalty—are of great importance and require urgent attention, but even though they are prominent issues, abortion is preeminent among them. … Read more

Will the Real Joe Biden Please Stand Up?

“Catholic social doctrine talks about taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves, people who need help. With regard to abortion, I accept my church’s position that life begins at conception. That’s the church’s judgment. I accept it in my personal life. But I refuse to impose it on equally devout Christians and … Read more

A Cardinal Agrees With a President: What Is the World Coming To?

And so it has come to pass in these strange and dangerous days that an American cardinal is being criticized—and even exhorted to resign—for expressing support for an American president. But those who are critical of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan for taking part in a conference call with President Trump, and later complimenting the … Read more

Louisiana Supreme Court Case Shows Abortion Clinics to be Houses of Horror

To those who think that legal abortion means safe abortion, think again. The Supreme Court is currently contemplating important questions surrounding a Louisiana state law requiring hospital admitting privileges for abortionists. Among the amicus briefs submitted to the Court in support of the law are several that outline in compelling detail the health and safety deficiencies of … Read more

This Christmas, Give the Gift of Life

“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel…” This is perhaps the most well-known Advent hymn—one that floods us with the feelings of the coming Christmas season. But the hymn also raises a question. Matthew’s Gospel tells us that “Emmanuel” means “God is with us” (Mt. 1:23). In the song, then, we pray, “O … Read more

The Upcoming Court Battle Over the HHS Mandate

In what way can simply signing a document be a burden on you or your freedom? Obviously, the answer to that question depends on the document that you’re asked to sign.  If you’re a celebrity and a fan hands you a scrap of paper for an autograph, your burden consists of a few seconds of … Read more

Is This What You Mean?

We in the pro-life community have been fed up for a long time with public servants who can’t seem to tell the difference between serving the public and killing the public. They want to mask the violence of abortion with the smooth language of “choice,” and they don’t want to lift a finger to extend the … Read more

Pugnacious Pro-Lifers: Striving for Unity in the Pro-Life Movement

Any of the activities of the pro-life movement do not bother pro-abortion forces, largely because they underestimate the power of the truth. One thing they do not underestimate is the power of unity. Pro-abortion forces fear unity among pro-lifers. In fact, they hear it so much they hallucinate about it. In many of the court … Read more

Talking Abortion

In my role as national director of Priests for Life, I have preached on abortion every day throughout the fifty states. I’ve gotten thousands of reactions over the last several years. These are typical: “Father, I came into this church this morning being totally pro-abortion, and the homily changed my views completely.” “Father, I had … Read more

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