Philippe Maxence

Philippe Maxence is editor-in-chief of the Catholic journal L’Homme Nouveau and the author of numerous books, including Pour le réenchantement du monde: une introduction à Chesterton (2004) and, most recently, Maximilien Kolbe: Prêtre, journaliste et martyr, 1894-1941 (2011). He has also contributed the foreword to Henri Ghéon’s The Truth about Thérèse (Sophia Institute Press).

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John Senior: In Piam Memoriam

How the time does pass . . . it was on April 8, 1999—already thirteen years ago—that Professor John Senior returned to our Father’s House. Since then, we have been all the more orphaned and greater has been our yearning for Paradise. By what right should I, a Frenchman, be writing today about this eminent … Read more

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