Paul R. Sebastian

Paul R. Sebastian was a lay missionary in Arequipa, Peru for 14 years. He is a member of the Campus Ministry Board & adviser to the Catholic Newman Club at the University of Rio Grande.

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Homes Through Mutual Help in Peru

Few things give a man and his family greater dignity than to be the owners of their own home, among the most basic of human necessities. A decent home, which a family can call its own, is a dream of a lifetime. After years of striving and saving, the fulfillment of this dream gives the … Read more

Health Care: Compassionate Apostolate or Business?

Who receives better care, an American in a hospital in the U.S. or a poor Indian in a mission clinic in the jungles or high Andes of Peru? Patients in American hospitals are exposed to the most advanced medical technology, modern analytical laboratories, computerization, all the comforts possible, a big impersonal administrative bureaucracy, of tubes, … Read more

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