Patricia Treece

Patricia is a convert to Catholicism who writes for "the human family." She is the author of critically-acclaimed books on saints and related topics, such as mysticism, healing God gives through the prayer intercession of saints, and supranatural phenomena.

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Saints Who Laugh

Gazing [on God] … there springs up in a soul susceptible of such impressions, an intense inward jubilee … a joy which no tongue can tell. —Bl. Henry Suso (1300-1365) There are saints who follow the Way of the Cross with exterior sufferings and prolonged dark nights of the soul. Others swing between spiritual heights … Read more

Joyful Martyr

Black fabric sets off diamonds. Similarly, dark eras display the radiant sanctity of extraordinary witnesses: Individuals who—put to horrific test—shine with heroic goodness. Among those witnesses—his cause for official sainthood under way—is one born on January 29, 1900, in Barentin, a drab little French factory town in Normandy between Le Havre and Rouen. Lucien Bunel … Read more

Staggering to Heaven

There are saints who sweep across the sky of their generation like blazing comets signaling the reality and glory of Sod. Others silently earn grace for a world blind to their presence. The friend of God whose life ended on a Dublin sidewalk on June 7, 1925, was one of those hidden holy. Like the … Read more

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