Rocco Buttiglione

Rocco Buttiglione (born 1948) is an Italian Union of Christian and Centre Democrats politician and an academic.

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Wojtyla and Kolbe: Out of Poland

Poland, contrary to what we tend to think, belongs to Western Europe. In the very moment its national destiny was born, Poland chose the Roman Catholic Church and the Latin liturgy, paying dearly for this choice, which it never forsook. That said, Poland lies on the borders of the East and shares its Slavic ethnic … Read more

Wojtyla and the Council: Religious Liberty as the Heart of Vatican II

Karol Wojtyla’s entire philosophical work has as its center the Ecumenical Council Vatican II, in which the author, who was consecrated bishop July 4, 1958, took part as capitular administrator, later archbishop, of the diocese of Krakow. The Acting Person (1969), the book which crowns and concludes Wojtyla’s philosophical activity, was probably conceived in its … Read more

Christian Economics 101: Catholic Social Teaching in a Changing World

Editor’s note: The following primer in Catholic social teaching is based on an address by Rocco Buttiglione to a conference held at Christendom College to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of Rerum Novarum. Mr. Buttiglione is professor of political philosophy at the University of Teramo; he worked closely on the drafting of Centesimus Annus. On Doctrine … Read more

Guest Editorial: Behind Centesimus Annus

Editor’s note: Rocco Buttiglione is a professor at the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein and the author of many books and articles on Catholic social thought and the life and thought of Pope John Paul II. He has been a philosophical collaborator with the pope for many years. It seems that one of the … Read more

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