Richard M. Doerflinger

Richard M. Doerflinger is Associate Director of the Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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Some Good News on Abortion Rates

On an issue associated with tragedy and mourning, there was good news recently. A new study finds that in 2011, the US abortion rate—the number of abortions per 1000 women of reproductive age—reached its lowest point since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion in 1973. Abortions dropped to just over a million … Read more

John Paul II: The Apostle of Life

In an incisive tribute after the Holy Father’s death, Rabbi Daniel Lapin said: “Pope John Paul II’s singular coherence was the sanctity of life. His beam of clarity was the triumph of life over death.” John Paul II’s witness to life inspired such statements from leaders of many backgrounds, both religious and non-religious. At the … Read more

Observations: Criminal Penalties for Abortion

Seven years ago, when the U.S. Senate considered a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution, abortion rights groups charged that such an amendment would require first-degree murder charges for women suspected of having abortions. Planned Parenthood warned that “even a miscarriage could be investigated as a criminal offense.” That charge was resurrected during the 1988 … Read more

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