Msgr. Andrew Cummings

Msgr. Andrew McLean Cummings of the Archdiocese of Baltimore has served as Associate Pastor and seminary formator in both Baltimore and the Archdiocese of Mary Mother of God in Moscow. Currently, he is working at the Vatican. His doctoral dissertation was published in 2014 as The Servant and the Ladder: Cooperation with Evil in the 21st Century (Gracewing, Ltd.).

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A False Dichotomy

Should a Catholic School admit LGBTQ students or refuse the benefit of a Catholic education to this particularly vulnerable subset of children? Such is the choice with which those responsible for Catholic education seem to be presented, and, increasingly, they will opt for the former. Apparently, this is the path chosen by Bishop John Gaydos … Read more

What Cardinal Kasper Really Said About Divorce

A high profile debate is underway in the Catholic Church regarding communion for the divorced and remarried. As in most family quarrels, however, the real point of contention remains unacknowledged. Before pointing out the elephant in the living room, however, a little background is called for. Some Recent Developments Speculation has been growing for nearly … Read more

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