Ryan M. Williams

Ryan M. Williams received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from CUA, and his STB from the Angelicum. He has taught in several universities, served as the Associate Academic Dean at St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, NY, been an ontologist in a prominent AI company, and is now the president-elect for Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College in Ontario, Canada. He currently lives with his wife and four daughters in Round Rock, Texas, and can be followed on twitter @RMWilliamsPhD

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The Superiority of the Priesthood Does Not Justify Clericalism

The teaching of the Catholic Church with regards to the priesthood is that the priest is ontologically superior to the lay person. This superiority occurs at the moment of ordination. Ordination, like baptism, confers an indelible mark upon the soul of the priest, and it is this mark that causes the superiority. There are a … Read more

Celibacy and Priests with Same-Sex Attraction

In recent conversations concerning the Church and the priesthood, it seems that the main focus when discussing the issue of celibacy is the idea that the one who “chooses” a celibate life is one who willfully forgoes the enjoyment of sex. While this feature of celibacy is without a doubt true, looking at celibacy from … Read more

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