Samantha Stephenson

Samantha Stephenson is a Catholic wife and mother of 3, host of the podcast Brave New Us, and the author of the upcoming book Reclaiming Motherhood From a Culture Gone Mad. Follow her blog, Mama Prays, or sign up for her Faith + Bioethics newsletter to receive the latest updates on medical research, technology, and culture.

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In Defense of Anti-Feminism

We can recognize and appreciate the gifts of both sexes without abolishing gender or espousing rigid gender roles—but we need the anti-feminism movement to do it. 

Abortion is the Real Assault on Women

Far from being a basic “right,” abortion is deeply damaging to women; it is not the means to a level playing field that its avid supporters believe it to be.

Huxley’s Brave New World Is Here

A constellation of recent developments in medical research and technology has made the science fiction of large-scale human manufacturing a theoretical and potentially imminent possibility. 

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