Samuel Casey Carter

Samuel Casey Carter, formerly the associate editor of Crisis, is the president of Carter Research.

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UNICEF: No Room at the Inn

When Ted Turner made his impulsive billion-dollar pledge to the United Nations in September (“a good, round number” he called it), the first reaction was shock. “I nearly fell off my chair,” said UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Leslie Gelb, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, added, “Wow!” The second reaction was a feeding frenzy … Read more

Dangerously Green

Now that a global concern for the environment is the political flavor of the month, Catholics should heed well the moral instruction of their bishops. Having alerted the faithful to a global need for “food and energy policies that are socially just, environmentally benign, and economically efficient,” the bishops have called us to seek an … Read more

Ten Colleges to Consider- For Families Trying to Decide

In January, parents and their children in high school are thinking about college. However, too often of late, Catholic families do not take seriously enough or simply are not aware of the marvelous opportunities made available to them by the rich heritage of our nation’s Catholic colleges and universities. This article means to address this … Read more

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