Fr. James V. Schall

The Rev. James V. Schall, SJ, (1928-2019) taught government at the University of San Francisco and Georgetown University until his retirement in 2012. Besides being a regular Crisis columnist since 1983, Fr. Schall wrote nearly 50 books and countless articles for magazines and newspapers.

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Sense and Nonsense: Conversation and Companionship

“For an encounter with another person, through acts of knowing and love, in freedom,” the Polish Dominican philosopher Mieczylaw Krapiec wrote, in his remarkable Philosophical Anthropology, “presupposes precisely a personal ‘I’ who actualizes himself through interpersonal communications in the order of being.” This is, no doubt, a complicated way of saying that we are beings … Read more

Sense and Nonsense: On Being Sought

“In Christianity, however, the human soul is not the seeker but the sought,” C. S. Lewis wrote in his Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature. “It is God who seeks, who descends from the other world to find and heal man.” Sometimes we have a picture of the world in which each of us works … Read more

Sense and Nonsense: Transcendence

What happens, metaphysically, I mean, when you go to church and the topic of the sermon is Central America based on Luke 4? Or, like my friend Jim Kline, you are handed at the Mission Church in Santa Clara, a Pax Christi Pledge, while you work for the real peace movement, Lockheed? How are you … Read more

Sense and Nonsense: Political Philosophy and Christian Intelligence

Christianity has been called the most materialistic religion in history.  That is an illuminating point.  For Christianity is so much more than a moral code, a recipe for virtue, a system of comfortable idealistic thought.  It is a religion of acts and facts…. For Christianity is a religion of things that have happened — A … Read more

Sense and Nonsense: Political Theory, War, and Religion

Nor could Mrs. Thatcher forget, she said, the Berlin Wall (of which her first sight last month so powerfully impressed her.) It was “a grim monument to a cruel and desolate creed, concrete evidence that the Communists know that when people are free to choose, they choose to be free.  ∼ The Times, London, Nov. … Read more

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