Deborah Sturm

Deborah Sturm is a registered nurse and serves as the secretary of the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses. Her writing has appeared in several publications, including Lay Witness, the Catholic Social Science Review, and the Journal of Christian Nursing.

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The Court Opens Door to Christian Persecution

Plutarch, the first-century Greek moralist who outlined four stages of a civilization, said that a society that has become libertine is in its next-to-last stage before its final descent into tyranny.  When tyranny is mentioned, most people, if they are old enough to remember, think of Mussolini and his secret police or Hitler and his … Read more

The Duty to Die: Scouting the Next Pro-Life Battlefield

In an article in the Washington Post last fall, Charlotte F. Allen offered her sneaking suspicions about American healthcare. Addressing the issue of the “living will,” she wrote: When I contemplate the concept of “dying well,” I can’t avoid the uneasy feeling that it actually means “dying when we, the intellectual elite, think it is … Read more

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