Thomas Howard

Thomas Howard is the author of Evangelical is not Enough and C.S. Lewis, Man of Letters: A Reading of His Fiction.

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A Portrait of Dietrich von Hildebrand

The name Dietrich von Hildebrand is not, perhaps, as well known as it should be among intelligent and lit­erate Catholics—or, for that matter, among Christians of any ilk. He is a man whom Pius XII referred to as “a 20th-century doctor of the Church.” Those who remember this pontiff will recall that he was not … Read more

Newman and Lewis on the Limits of Education

The philosophical map has altered. We live in a world wholly different from the world known by C. S. Lewis, or by John Henry Newman before him, or by Francis Bacon in the Renaissance or Robert Grosseteste in the Middle Ages. Whether we wish to locate the wellspring of this latter change in the eighteenth … Read more

The Cult of C.S. Lewis: The Ironic Legacy of the Merry Wine Bibber

The question as to whether there may be a “cult” surrounding the works, and indeed the person, of C.S. Lewis is a piquant one. Loud shouts of “Never!” from the one side and “Indeed!” Indeed!” from the other. Doubtless anyone who is a Lewis reader of more than the most casual stripe will have an … Read more

The Conversion of Scott and Kimberly: Heart and Intellect Together

One of Chesterton’s most Chestertonian obiter dicta is his remark that “If something is worth doing… it is worth doing badly.” Scott and Kimberly Hahn conclude the preface to the account of their pilgrimage into the Catholic Church with a self-effacing demurral that draws on this maxim. Not so. Or rather, inappropriate. The Hahn’s story … Read more

Letter to My Brother: A Convert Defends Catholicism

Dear Phil: I won’t respond by the numbers to your paper, since various items you adduced   can be re-grouped. But I must say, I was enormously impressed, even moved, at the piece of work you have done, and I’d also say that virtually the entire list which you adduce of blots on the Catholic escutcheon … Read more

Witness for the Faith: What Catholics Can Learn from Billy Graham

The name of Billy Graham is virtually synonymous in the minds of most people with the word evangelization. Here is a man—a Protestant, to be sure—who circles the globe, decade after decade. Literally millions upon millions of men and women, in every continent now, have heard the Christian message as Graham casts it, namely, Jesus … Read more

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