Thomas P. McDonnell

Thomas P. McDonnell is the editor of Blaze of Recognition:Daily Meditations from the Writings of Thomas Merton

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Thomas Merton’s Last Book

The title refers to the last book that Thomas Merton I himself had prepared for publication. There have of course been certain posthumous works released since the death of the famed Trappist monk, Dec. 10, 1968, while attending a conference on monasticism in the Far East. Moreover, the Merton publishing industry promises to be lively … Read more

A “Mea Culpa” for Jacques Maritain: A Personal Memoir

One of the continuing scandals in the intellectual life of the Roman Catholic Church today, especially in the United States, is the all but complete eclipse of the great Thomist philosopher Jacques Maritain (1882-1973) from any serious consideration or renewable study in both the annals of Academe and in what are taken to be our … Read more

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