T. St. Elmo Joseph

T. St. Elmo Joseph is a former foreign service officer of Sri Lanka.

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A Continuing Experiment in Democracy: Sri Lanka’s Experience

It was with great fanfare that the Island republic of Sri Lanka celebrated in the latter half of 1981 the fiftieth anniversary of the granting of universal adult franchise. This indeed was a unique celebration in that this tropical Island of 24,000 square miles with a population of 14.5 million lying dwarfed at the southern … Read more

The Non-Aligned Movement Goes On

The meeting of the heads of States or Governments of the Non-Aligned Movement that was concluded in the second week of March in New Delhi, India was one more in the three-yearly summit meetings that take place in some part of the third world. The Movement has come a long way since 1961 when 25 … Read more

Democratic Capitalism and Developing Countries — As Applied to Sri Lanka

The word “capitalism” in today’s world, particularly in the developing world, conjures a vision that is not quite welcome. It somehow evokes a sense of distaste for an economic system that prevailed in Europe from the time of the Industrial Revolution, and subsequently in the USA, and it has become the fashion to decry it … Read more

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