Alice von Hildebrand

Alice von Hildebrand is professor emerita of philosophy at Hunter College of the City University of New York and the renowned author of many books, including The Soul of a Lion (Ignatius, 2000), The Privilege of Being a Woman (Veritas, 2002), and Man and Woman: A Divine Invention (Sapientia, 2010).

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Yes, It Can Be Wrong To Be Judgemental

The changes in the liturgy since Vatican II are so striking that many of my lapsed-Catholic friends who recently have started to attend Mass again after many years feel it is no longer the same Church. For one, the content of homilies has changed radically since the Second Vatican Council: hardly any mention of hell, … Read more

Edith Stein: Apostate Saint?

The canonization of Edith Stein has created quite a tur­moil for the Jews. They are willing to admit that she was an extraordinary woman, though the fact remains: To the Jews, she was an “apostate” It is not the first time the Jews have had to face a situation in which someone whom they view … Read more

The Essence of Marriage: An Intimate Community of Love

Dr. Glenn Olsen’s recent article in these pages [“Marriage — The Mystery of Faithful Love: von Hildebrand’s Thought Revisited,’” January] reveals much about Catholic attitudes toward marriage but little about its divinely intended essence. For Dr. Olsen emphasizes one theme that has characterized Catholic attitudes for nearly two millennia: a certain suspicion of marriage in … Read more

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