Wendell Hull

Wendell Hull has spent a couple of lives in the military and business. He is on his third life as a homeschooling dad and occasional catechist.

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Our Need for Fathers

Fathers do not nurse them or salve children’s wounds like their mothers. We give advice, impart knowledge and skills, jest, and wrestle with them. We also discipline and lead them in right ways.

The Burning of Books

I burn books, which puts me in uncomfortable company. However, the books I burn I have found too objectionable to pass on. They are my possessions; I can do with them as I see fit.

The Ahab Papacy

The Church has always been symbolized by a ship. Her crew are fishers of men. Some of the first were indeed fishermen, Peter most prominent among them. She is diminished in influence, careening from seeming moral orthodoxy to permissiveness.

The Curious Case of Russia’s Consecration

Many are urging the pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart. Aside from whether this has already occurred or not, there is the problem that there is no set way to “consecrate” a country.

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