William M. Klimon

William M. Klimon has studied history at the University of Pennsylvania and at Cornell University. At the time this article was published, he was on the staff of the Milton S. Eisenhower LIbrary at Johns Hopkins University.

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The Idler: The Gifts of Africa to Christendom

One of the finest private art collections in the U.S., assembled at the beginning of this century, is now the heart of a beautiful, if underused, public museum in downtown Baltimore. The product of the taste and railroad fortune of the father and son team of William and Henry Walters, the collection of the Walters … Read more

The ‘Fullness’ of Christ: Dom Bede Griffiths and the World Religions

The recent death of Father Bede Griffiths, O.S.B.Cam., calls to mind the career of one of the more interesting figures in twentieth-century Catholicism. Certainly his life and work deserve, and will undoubtedly get, more study than they have hitherto received. Yet his much-lamented absence from the recent meeting of the World Parliament of Religions held … Read more

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